Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is essential to getting high-quality, targeted traffic to your website or other online presence.  You want the right customers to find your content in their search results.  And for that, you need to be highly ranked by the major search engines.  They utilize complex and secretive algorithms to determine different qualities of websites, and look at hundreds of factors to determine search result placement.  Our services can help you maximize how your website scores in these algorithms, and rank as highly as possible within the search results. 

Our SEO Process

Our SEO services break down into three key areas:

SEO Consultancy

First, we need to define your SEO objectives based on your existing website or web content.  This will inform our strategy development, and help us to liaise with your in-house teams for overall direction, vision, and so on.  Then, we can craft an SEO strategy that is consistent with your brand, and will add value and content to your online presence for your users, while simultaneously helping your ranking and score results with all major search engines. 

Keyword, Competitor, and Market Research

Next, as a part of these activities, we’ll perform extensive keyword, competitor, and market research.  We want to know your market sector as well as you do, and see what your competitors are doing.  We want to know what keywords they rank for, so that we can siphon off some of their search traffic and ranking, and put it into your business.  Effectively, knowing how people find you, and find your competition, and using all the levers we can to adjust that mix, is part and parcel of SEO.  It will also inform our work with content development as part of your SEO strategy.

Technical Audit

Finally, an important point that many SEO organizations overlook is a technical audit.  All the content and keyword work we do is important, but it’s also important to ensure your website is optimized in other ways.  From a technical standpoint, we analyze your site and ensure that it contains the necessary code, tags, information, and optimization to allow search engine’s crawler algorithms to discover, index, and evaluate your pages.  We’ll also be sure to help you with methods and services so that when you make changes to your content or site, they don’t destroy the ranking, links, trust, and reputation that you’ve developed with search engines and other websites.

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