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Social media is the leading, critical medium for marketing communication today.  But it can also be tricky, striking the right balance of professionalism and viral potential, to achieve maximum audience penetration.  Your brand identity and social media marketing efforts need to be finely tuned to increase awareness, drive consumers to your products or services, and present a coherent and compelling story about why customers should choose you over the competition. 

To that end, we’ve created a detailed, step-by-step process at ACT Holdings to ensure your social media marketing needs are met.  We also work in other digital marketing channels in concert with social media, as we’ll explain a bit later below. 

Our Social Media Marketing Process

At the most basic level, our social media marketing process consists of 6 key steps.

social media process

Establish Your Account and Assign a Social Media Expert

To start, we get your account set up, and assign one of our dedicated social media experts to the account. They’ll serve as your main contact and liaison with our company, and be responsible for developing and executing the social media marketing strategy.

Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

Next, we conduct comprehensive research on your business, your competition, your customers, and so on. This is used to craft a social media strategy that is tailored specifically to your business. At this stage, we also seek input from you on strategic objectives, guidance consistent with your brand identity, and so on. This sets the stage for related advertising strategies and marketing efforts as well.

Determine a Schedule, Content Calendars, and Related Advertising and Initiatives

After we communicate and conference and agree upon the strategy, we’ll develop a schedule and content calendars. This will allow you to review everything we intend to post well in advance, before it ever gets posted. We can also use this schedule and roadmap to develop the related advertising and similar initiatives and synchronize with any of your internal marketing efforts, promotions, and so on.

Execute the Plan, Daily Management and Growth Activities

Then, the body of our work begins, with daily management and execution of the social media marketing activities. This includes all scheduled plan activities, review of comments, messages, reviews, and feedback, monitoring trends and hashtags, engaging users with contests, polls, and much more. Our goal is to grow your followers, grow your reach, and grow your brand.

Monitoring, Reporting, and Communication

On an ongoing basis, we will monitor the progress on your social media marketing plan, and generate reports to review with your team. We can schedule regular meetings to discuss the progress, provide you with feedback, and address any emerging issues or opportunities.

Adjust Strategy and Activities Based on Performance and Feedback

Even the best plans and strategies may require periodic adjustment. The last step of our ongoing social media marketing efforts involves making recommendations and adjustments to our activities and overall plans for your approval. Ideas for greater engagement activities, changes in tone, frequency of posting, and much more are all considered and integrated into strategy adjustments, drawing on all of what we learn from the performance and feedback of the strategy for your brand.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

There’s no denying that social media marketing is important, and can be extremely effective.  Let’s start by addressing some simple facts:

  • Around 2.5 billion people use social media every day around the world.
  • Facebook has over 2.3 billion active accounts.
  • Twitter has over 300 million active monthly users.
  • Around 500 million Tweets are sent every single day.
  • Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users globally.
Importance of social media

It’s also critical because social media activity is correlated to search results.  Specifically, major search engines utilize advanced algorithms to not only analyze the content, reliability, trustworthiness, and popularity of websites and pages, but look at other factors as well.  One of the key drivers in ranking is social media activity – the more engaged and active a company or brand is, the higher their site will rise in search result rankings.  Coupled with solid SEO principles and activities, social media marketing can mean the difference between being on page 3 of search results for a given keyword related to your business, or being on page 1, in the coveted first few slots of results.

Market penetration, being easy for your customers (or potential customers) to find, conveying a consistent brand identity across platforms, and engaging with people in the digital spaces they inhabit today are all critical aspects of marketing in the digital age. And at ACT Holding, we have expertise in all of these areas, that we can leverage to your business’ advantage.  We’re affordable, professional, and deliver the results you need to be successful with social media marketing.

building brand

Brand and Reputation Building

For businesses that are service-oriented, online reviews can be an important factor in their digital presence as well.  Yelp, Amazon, and other sites that allow for user feedback can have a powerful influence on consumer choice.  A single negative review can translate into lost sales, lost customers, and lost revenue.  At the same time, these reviews and similar services provide valuable feedback which, if handled properly, can win over new customers.  It can also create a positive brand impression, reinforcing existing customer retention.

Negative reviews need to be dealt with adeptly and handled properly in order to resolve problems, and prevent one customer’s negative experience from tainting your brand reputation.  Digital marketing also includes providing your customers with the means, opportunity, and encouragement to provide positive reviews for your business, to offset any negative ones.

At ACT Holdings, we offer a variety of services for brand and reputation building in these areas.  We can integrate with your existing customer service team to ensure complaints or issues are properly routed and dealt with.  And we can provide numerous recommendations, tools, content, and platforms to encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews across the various sites relevant to your business sector.  Boosting your online reputation can have a direct correlation with increased customer retention, more new customers, and greater sales.

Other Digital Marketing Channels

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that our services are not limited purely to social media marketing.  Other digital marketing channels – including direct email campaigns, backlinking, sponsored blog posts, industry directory listings, and more are all within our toolbox.

We can use these services in concert with our social media marketing efforts on your behalf, to synchronize with advertising campaigns or internal marketing initiatives, CRM, lead generation, and other important efforts to grow your business. 

Other Digital Marketing Channels

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