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Online advertising that is effective in today’s environment largely relies on social media as the primary medium. It’s far more cost-effective than television, and more relevant and targeted than simply buying up banner ad space on topical websites. And, it’s much easier to create engagement with potential consumers, thanks to the wealth of data-driven choices that can be made in developing your advertising program.

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Specifically, there are three key areas of digital advertising that help make it the premiere channel for advertisers today:


The average aggregate cost of advertising as an industry is $5 to reach 1,000 people. Social media advertising can generally accomplish that reach at 2 to 3 times less cost. That means more potential customers for the same advertising dollars.


When you run ads, you want to make sure they are seen by the relevant demographics, the right audience for your products or services. That’s how you find new customers and generate new sales. After all, having your advertising seen by lots of people who DON’T convert into customers doesn’t really accomplish much.

With social media, you can target the specific demographics that are prime candidates for your products or services. That can get incredibly specific depending on your needs and criteria, including things like interests, online behaviors, ages, locations, income, and much more.

We can also generate targeted advertising based on your existing customer or leads databases through email and other digital means, to generate repeat business and new sales. Further, we can find and develop ways to increase conversions on your existing digital real estate, follow-up with new visitors, and ensure that you get the results you desire


Social media advertising allows you to get incredibly fast results. Campaigns can go out near instantaneously once they are ready. You can generate impressions and engagement, and translate that into traffic, in just minutes. You can also adjust your strategy, fine-tune your advertising, respond to market or relevant events, and capitalize on trends. This responsiveness is one of the biggest advantages of social media advertising over traditional media.

Effectively, the more money you have to spend on advertising, the more we can do for you. And when you choose our services, you get a greater reach, and more impressions and engagement for those ad dollars than with any other medium. That means more potential customers, a higher rate of conversion, increased brand awareness, increased sales, and success for your business

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