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ACT Holdings is a comprehensive marketing, advertising, and creative agency designed to fulfill your digital needs. Our expertise in web design, online advertising, marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and related fields allow us to provide the full services of a digital creative agency to our clients.

We draw on this experience, and the tremendous creative and technical abilities of our team, to deliver meaningful results that surpass your expectations. Whether you need a visual brand identity designed, marketing campaign executed, or just some SEO improvement on your existing digital real estate, ACT Holdings has the tools, skills, and people to make it happen.

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In the online world today, there’s so much noise.  It’s difficult to break through, and drive customers or users to your products or services. 

A quality digital presence is only the start.  You need to have a coherent strategic marketing and advertising plan, and execute that plan across multiple platforms.

Your website needs to be optimized and targeted so that the ideal traffic will find it via major search engines.  And, your online presence needs to be engaging and deliver a consistent brand identity, look, and feel to your customers. 

Those are the things that separate the leaders from the followers, the successes from the failures.  And those are the services that ACT Holdings can deliver for your business.

Our Team

At ACT Holdings, we believe strongly that one of our biggest assets is our talented team of creative professionals.  Tools and technology are great, and essential to our business. 

 But what really makes the difference is who is using those tools, and how they are putting them to use.  Our team is dedicated, passionate, highly-skilled, creative, motivated, and customer-focused.  

They are the lifeblood of our business, and what separates us from our competitors.  Connect with our team via the Contact page, or through any of our social media and contact links below.

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ACT Holdings is a comprehensive marketing, advertising, and creative agency designed to fulfill your digital needs.


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